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Kayako: “User Group” vs “User Organization”

This is usually a blog in Italian, but I guess this can be useful to others Kayako admin. Hope it’s not trivial for better admin¬†than me ūüėČ
Gli italiani mi perdoneranno ma si tratta di una cosa piuttosto tecnica di interesse generale per un amministratore di Kaayko

I don’t want to write a manual but to fix some ideas after a chat with a very nice guy from Kayako. [I use¬†Capital italic to underline that this is a Kayako word]. Let’s clear out the basics: ¬†if your company uses¬†Kayako, your employees are Staff, your client Users.

Kayako has two different concepts¬†to¬†“put¬†Users together”: User Group¬†and¬†¬†User Organization.
This is clearer if you login as a Staff and search for Users under

[insert image here soon or later ;)]

True story 1

  • User group is basically used in the help desk when different users are to be grouped together so that we can restrict some features of the help desk to them. Basically used to assign permissions.
  • User organization¬†is just a representation for the staff members. User organization is also a group of users but similar users belonging to the same organization.

True story 2

A User can be a Manager or a simple User and this is under a User organization.

True story 3

Question: So we can say that User organization is bigger than User Group? Or User organization can contain one or more User group?

Answer: there is no concept of which is bigger and which is not.

True story 4

For example, I want that one of my client which is an organization can have multiple Users submitting a ticket.

In that case those Users will be put under the same User organization.

However, If I want to set some different Users under some Permissions for example, I want two hundred Users which are belonging to 4-5 different User organizations to see one type of Knowledgebase and other hundred to see other Knowledgebase then I need to put these Users under different User groups.

You cannot correlate any of the two.

True story 5

User group comprises of Users and User organization also comprises of Users however, User group and User organization are not related.


“True Story” is meant here¬†like¬†“real fact” and not like this ūüėČ